Zedbed Protect-Plus Total Encasement Mattress Protector
Zedbed Protect-Plus Total Encasement Mattress Protector
Manufacturer Name: Zedbed
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Zedbed Protect-Plus Total Encasement Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors help protect your mattress against liquids and allergens that can lurk within bedding and affect you after being expelled out the sides of the mattress. You get 6-sided protection against liquids- for the same price. This interior layer prevents liquids from penetrating but allows air to flow, so your mattress can breathe. 



  • Protects all 6 sides of the mattress thanks to its superior quality zipper
  • Interior waterproof membrane, exclusive to Comerco Services, keeps liquids from coming into contact with the mattress
  • Exterior membrane repels moisture to keep your mattress dry
  • Waterproof inner membrane-applied with microscopic precision to allow air flow but repel liquids- is the most advanced membrane of its type currently available
  • Extremely strong seams ensure that dust mites and other allergens can't penetrate the mattress
  • Exceptionally precise stitching meets the most demanding medical standards and ensures protection against all types of microscopic allergens
  • Ideal for memory foam, latex, innerspring, and air mattresses
  • Ensures your mattress is protected against stains, as required by mattress companies
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Available Sizes:
    • 30 x 80
    • Twin
    • Twin XL
    • Full XL
    • Queen
    • King