Zedbed Breeze-Flakes Pillow
Zedbed Breeze-Flakes Pillow
Product Number: BREEZE FLAKES
Manufacturer Name: Zedbed
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Zedbed Breeze-Flakes Pillow

The Zedbed Breeze Flakes Pillow is a shapeable pillow with independently moveable Pure Enviro flakes with infused gel-crystals. This standard designed pillow is part of the slow recovery family and assures natural support. The Cool Max® Fabric helps you get a real cool night's sleep and also limits the problem of excess perspiration.



  • Soy based
  • Gel infused
  • Breathable and Cool
  • Firmness: Mid-Firm
  • Cool Max®  fabric cover
  • Made entirely by Zedbed in Canada
  • Available Sizes:
    • Queen- 28.5" x 15" x 6"