Original Prenatal Cradle
Original Prenatal Cradle
Manufacturer Name: Prenatal Cradle
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Original Prenatal Cradle
The same great Prenatal Cradle support you know and love, offering orthotic support for abdominal and back straining, as well as easing pain from hip separation and pubic Symphysis.
  • Doctor recommended
  • Patented design supports back and abdomen
  • Gently improves posture while easing many discomforts
  • May be worn with regular lingerie
  • Based on the most natural stance of a woman with child
  • Completely adjustable, even through clothing
  • Machine washable, flannel-backed
  • Practical - no need to remove for toileting
  • Medical tax credit or insurance claim may be applied
  • Strong and effective
  • Available in regular and tall sizes
The Prenatal Cradle also offers Orthotic Support for patients who have pendulous abdomens and symptoms of:
  • Back pain
  • Abdominal straining
  • Painful hip separation
  • Painful pubic symphysis
  • Lordosis
  • Sciatica
Size Chart for the Prenatal Cradle
Pant Size
Extra Petite
0 - 3
90 - 125
3 - 6
125 - 145
7 - 10
145 - 175
10 - 14
175 - 200
14 - 18
200 - 250
18 - 24
250 - 300
Extra Large
24 & up
300 - 350
10 - 14
145 - 200
14 - 18
200 - 250

Prenatal Cradle FAQ's

Can the Prenatal Cradle help my backache?

The Prenatal Cradle's orthotic action helps a pregnant mom to stand up straighter while decreasing lordosis. When back pain is caused by the forward weight of the growing uterus pulling on the back and creating tension, the Prenatal Cradle is a perfect solution to ease back pain. Women who have experienced previous injury to their back need to consult with their physicians before wearing any supportive device. The Prenatal Cradle's unique system of orthotic support is engineered below the shoulders and decreases lordosis while helping a pregnant woman to stand up straighter. The points of support are:

  • The sewn criss cross between the breasts (at the baby label)
  • The side expanders which pull the front bands apart to create the open abdomen
  • The torso bands which give lift to the front and to the back of the supportive band
  • The lower womb band which supports the pendulous abdomen around the hips and meets the other supportive bands in the back.
What if it bothers my bladder?

Unlike other supports, the Prenatal Cradle support band under the abdomen can be positioned higher on the abdomen so that it maintains effective support of the abdomen yet does not interfere with or irritate the bladder.


Will the Prenatal Cradle pull down on my shoulders?

No. The Prenatal Cradle is so comfortable that may women forget that they have it on. If you push down on the supportive band (as a growing uterus would increase in weight), you will feel no increase in tension at the shoulders. Uncomfortable tension on the shoulders is an indication that you may have the wrong size.


How can the Prenatal Cradle support without compression?

The Prenatal Cradle supports with no compression placed on the hips or lower back, thus allowing the hips to expand or relax naturally so that the body can sufficiently prepare for a normal labor and vaginal delivery.


Does the Prenatal Cradle reduce ankle swelling?

Testimonials from women who have worn the Prenatal Cradle substantiate that it is effective for reducing ankle swelling. The Prenatal Cradle lifts the weight of the uterus which lightens the pressure on veins coming from the legs and feet. This allows for better blood flow which can reduce swelling of the ankles, legs, and feet. Remember that there are other factors that may contribute to edema of the ankles (i.e. eating foods high in salt). With the Prenatal Cradle, there are no bands around the legs to slow down blood flow.


Will it help with my pain from hip separation or pubic symphysis?

Women who have encountered these problems have found the Prenatal Cradle to be very effective in reducing their pain due to the "compression free" way that the Prenatal Cradle actually lifts the weight of the growing baby from the pelvic cradle, keeping the extra weight from "bouncing" on the painful ligaments.


Will my insurance pay for this?

Some insurance companies are recognizing the Prenatal Cradle as a medically necessary item and are covering it. You may wish to check with your local pharmacy or call your insurance company to see if and how much your plan will cover and how to apply for reimbursement. If you are going to apply for insurance reimbursement, you will need a prescription from your doctor along with a copy of your sales receipt.


How do I wear it?

The Prenatal Cradle is worn over the bra and under the panties so that it does not need to be adjusted during frequent trips to the bathroom.


How do I put it on?
Start by holding the Prenatal Cradle with the label facing up. Make sure the two bands are coming out of the top of the label. If not, turn the label around so that they are. Place your head under the label and through the center of the two bands with your hands and arms on either side of the two bands. Pull the 3-inch supportive band down into place under your tummy. Straighten the bands if they are twisted and position the Prenatal Cradle to where it is the most comfortable for you.