NaturaOrganics Latex Pillow
NaturaOrganics Latex Pillow
Product Number: Z005203
Manufacturer Name: Natura
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NaturaOrganics Latex Pillow

Discover the shortcut to dreamland with the Organic Latex Pillow. Fresh and allergen free, this pillow will lead you to the blissful night's rest you've been searching for.

The Organic Latex Pillow eases away the stress and tension of your day with springy comfort that won't pack down. The solid natural latex core gently supports neck and back muscles while promising anti-microbial, allergen free, breathing room. This natural latex pillow has a certified 100% organic Natura Grow WoolTM lining that wicks away moisture to keep you fresh, dry and temperature controlled. You'll enjoy the feel of the certified 100% organic cotton sateen cover - you'll love the renewed vitality after a great night's rest.



  • Ventilated Natural Talalay latex core
  • Certified 100% organic Natura Grow WoolTM lining
  • Organic Pima cotton sateen cover
  • Care
    • Do not wash. Do not dry. Vacuum, turn and air out periodically.
  • Available Sizes:
    • Standard
    • Queen
    • King