NaturaOrganics Cloud Pillow
NaturaOrganics Cloud Pillow
Product Number: Z005200
Manufacturer Name: Natura
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NaturaOrganics Cloud Pillow

Gratify your hunger for sleep with the Organic Cloud Pillow. Nourishing organic wool and cotton work together to create a plush, allergen and toxin-free haven. Now that's a delicious night's sleep.

The Organic Cloud Pillow invites deep, nourishing sleep and true rejuvenation. Our cozy Natura Grow WoolTM ensures a dry, temperature-controlled sleep environment by wicking away moisture that causes chills and overheating. This antimicrobial, allergen and bacteria resistant organic pillow keeps nighttime sniffles at bay, inviting deeper, undisturbed rest and sweeter dreams. The plush helping of organic wool inside covered in silky-soft, cotton sateen cover make this a sweet luxury you'll enjoy night after night.



  • 2.1 lbs Certified 100% organic Natura Grow WoolTM fill
  • Certified 100% organic Pima cotton sateen cover 
  • Care
    • Do not wash. Do not dry. Vacuum, turn and air out periodically.
  • Available Sizes:
    • Standard
    • Queen
    • King