NaturaWool Ylang Ylang Pillow
NaturaWool Ylang Ylang Pillow
Product Number: Z005167
Manufacturer Name: Natura
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NaturaWool Ylang Ylang Pillow

Savor the relaxation of the Ylang Ylang Pillow. Cozy wool in a delicious, Ylang Ylang infused cover will inspire you to blissful, luxurious dreams. Sound luscious?

The Ylang Ylang Wool Pillow inspires blissful dreams and a nourishing night's sleep. A generous helping of NaturaWoolTM provides moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating comfort while banishing allergens that disturb sleep. This luxury natural wool pillow has plush support for your head and neck relieves strain and tension, and allows for deep, pain free sleep. The luxurious, Ylang Ylang infused cover provides an aroma-filled drift to healthier sleep.



  • Wool Filled Pillow
    • 2.21 lbs NaturaWoolTM  fill
    • Ylang Ylang enriched cover; non-removable 
  • Care
    • Do not wash. Do not dry. May be dry cleaned, short cycle, limited moisture.
  • Available Sizes:
    • Standard
    • Queen
    • King