NaturaLatex Blossom Firm Mattress
NaturaLatex Blossom Firm Mattress
Product Number: Z005057
Manufacturer Name: Natura
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NaturaLatex Blossom Firm Mattress


Envision disturbance-free nights with the Blossom Firm Mattress and you'll discover renewed vitality in the morning. A firm, targeted support latex core ensures healthy spinal alignment and soothing comfort.

The Blossom Firm Mattress tackles back and neck discomfort with healthy, natural ingredients. This all-natural firm mattress has a 3-zone firm Talalay latex core which provides targeted support to ease tension and pain from shoulders, hips and lower leg, while an abundant layer of Talalay latex ensures whole body comfort. This hypoallergenic latex combination halts the spread of nighttime allergens and keeps your bedding pristine. Topped with plush NaturaWoolTM to regulate temperature and covered with a sumptuous Organic cotton blend ticking, this mattress provides a cozy, eco-friendly way to tuck-in.



  • Quilt
    • Wool blend ticking
    • 4.2 lbs Pure NaturaWoolTM
    • Natural cotton fire barrier
    • 1" Plant-based quilt foam
  • Core
    • 2" Talalay latex- firm
    • 6" Dunlop latex- medium/ firm
  • Mattress Height
    • 9.5" 
  • Care
    • Spot clean only
  • Available Sizes:
    • Twin
    • Twin XL
    • Full
    • Queen
    • King