Lullaby Earth Airflow Topper
Lullaby Earth Airflow Topper
Product Number: LPC70
Manufacturer Name: Lullaby Earth
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Lullaby Earth Airflow Topper

Provides airflow between the baby and the mattress. Lays flat between the mattress and the crib sheet.


  • Breathable Layer- The Airflow Topper provides breathable space under the baby, increasing airflow for a more comfortable sleep while baby stays cool and dry
  • Removable & Washable- The flat pad design allows the Airflow Topper to easily fit under any sheet. It is easy to remove and machine washable to keep it clean in the event of any baby messes!
  • Superior Materials- Made with 100% Polyester, the Airflow Topper is made without common allergens and is free of flame retardants, harmful chemicals, and other questionable materials.