Innomax Memory-Gel Phase Change Thermal-Cell Temperature Regulating Mattress
Innomax Memory-Gel Phase Change Thermal-Cell Temperature Regulating Mattress
Product Number: MEM GEL
Manufacturer Name: Innomax
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Innomax Memory-GelTM Phase Change Thermal-Cell Temperature Regulating Mattress

Memory-GelTM - Gel infused Memory-Cell® utilizes revolutionary Thermal-CellTM Temperature Regulating - Phase Change technology. As compression is increased, Gel Infused Memory-Cell® improves thermoconductivity to remove heat efficiently. The unique "Open Cell", breathable air flow design - supports air and moisture movement creating a cooler night's sleep, improved blood flow and oxygen exposure to skin cells.  This revolutionary material senses and responds to your body form quicker and improves overall support, giving greater pressure point relief and superior weight distribution. Also Absorbs energy & motion so you and your partner sleep in complete undisturbed, peaceful sleep.


  • Emissions & Performance Tested: Made without BPA, BHT, CFC's, HCFC's, PFC's, PBDE, Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Methylene Chloride, Mercury, Lead, Heavy Metals or Ozone Depleters.
  • Featuring Stay FreshTM Technology: This eliminates the possible harsh chemical odor associated with many memory foam type products. Maintains freshness for the products life.
  • 5Zone, interactive, ventilated posture grid promotes full body support & proper spinal alignment.
  • 3 Zone, Compression Flex Organic Cotton cover provides premium Body Fit & support alignment for maximum pressure relief and comfort.
  • The Ultra-Stretch Organic Cotton cover assists in moisture evaporation & management - for a healthier sleeping environment.
  • Interactive Hi-Response Progressive Support layering for superior pressure reduced support and alignment on all upper and lower extremities.
  • Fully Assembled Foundation (available separately): King size are split for additional strength, stability and convenience when moving.
  • The Memory-GelTM mattress is proud to be hand crafted entirely in Colorado - U.S.A.